We are exploring interesting properties of nanostructures and developing new devices utilizing artificial nanostructures.

Electronic properties of nanostructures and nanodevices

Electronic properties of solid-state nanostructures are important in basic science and device applications. To probe the electronic properties, we have developed high-speed local electronic probes which can access local states with high energy resolution and small measurement disturbance.

We are exploring interesting properties of nanostructures utilizing precise and high-speed electric measurement and control techniques. We are also developing materials and devices utilizing nanostructures.

Quantum devices utilizing nanostructures

Quantum technologies which utilize quantum nature of electrons are considered as key technologies to develop new functional electronics. For example, quantum information processing attracts keen interest in these years, and semiconductor quantum dots are considered as a good candidate of quantum bits because they have long spin coherence time and potential scalability.

We are studying quantum effects in nanostructures and developing quantum devices like quantum bits and sensors utilizing solid state nanostructures.

Informatics approaches in material and device science

With the progress of information technologies, data science which extracts new knowledge from big and complicated data attracts huge interest. By utilizing these technologies, we can make a breakthrough also in nano material and device sciences.

We are applying informatics approaches like Bayesian optimization and machine learning to nano material and device science for effective and reliable measurements and developments of new devices.