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Spin camp

posted Sep 5, 2018, 8:11 PM by Tomohiro Otsuka
We presented our work in a summer school on semiconductor/superconductor quantum coherence effect and quantum information in Nasu.
“A quantum interface between different spin qubit encodings”,
“Speed up of quantum dot charge sensing utilizing Bayesian estimation”,
“Control fidelities in isotopically natural and enriched silicon quantum dot qubits”,
“Determination of the direction of the spin-orbit field in a physically-defined p-type MOS silicon double quantum dot”,
“The scheme of quantum teleportation.using electron-spin system in semiconductor quantum dots”,
“Four Single-spin Rabi Oscillations in a Quadruple Quantum Dot”,
“Dynamics of an open quantum system based on gated GaAs quantum dots”,
“Towards cQED with triple quantum dots”